On-Site Presence and Service Commitment

From the moment the contract is awarded to Shipway Stairs, the process of managing and servicing your Site begins with us. By assigning an experienced and dedicated Shipway Site Coordinator from our large team of site coordinators, we track the progression of the builds on your site. The Site Coordinator frequents the site and liaises with your Site Team to ensure all expectations are met, from accurate stair openings to on-time delivery of the stairs and railings. Shipway’s commitment to you and your homeowner does not end here.

Shipway’s Stairs Service Department Team is committed to ensuring that your homeowners receive the highest quality stairs and railings possible. From our Service Coordinators to our professional and knowledgeable service technicians we understand that we represent you the builder when dealing with homeowners. Our commitment to providing quality service reaches far beyond the industry standards. And we are not done yet.

Shipway’s Seminars

We provide repair seminars for your site repair staff. These seminars teach your site personnel the techniques for proper finishing, veneering, and dent and gouge repairs. The knowledge they gain assists in reducing repair costs and reduced PDI deficiencies.